A Message from the Congregation of Christ The King Church:

Finding a biblical church in the area where you live can be difficult, as is finding a congregation you can genuinely worship with, learn from, and care about one another.

You Are Invited

We invite you to attend a new church we believe fits this description. Christ The King Church, a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), now meets regularly for worship at 10AM and 6PM each Sunday in Longview at 5648 Hwy 300 (Gilmer Road).

A God Centered and Bible Centered Church

At Christ The King we are committed to in-depth preaching and teaching of the Holy Bible. Our desire is to be fed from the Word of God week by week so we can grow more and more into a people who see what God is like and really love Him for what He has done for us, and to grow into actually loving our neighbors in the church and in the world in real ways, not in just empty talk once a week. We don’t want the Bible dumbed down, or reshaped into oversimplified moral lessons that tell us how to be simply ‘successful’ or ‘happy,’ and we don’t want our pastor to tell us simply lots of captivating stories or funny jokes that make us laugh (though we are a people who laugh a lot). But we want the whole counsel of God, straight from God’s Word, explained so we can understand how it relates to God’s saving the world through Jesus Christ. Jesus has died on the cross for our sins, and He is risen that we might live new lives of rejoicing, hope, and service.

Jesus is Lord All the Time

We want to grow in our understanding of that, so we can thank Him by living for Him in every area of our lives, and especially together as His people.

Worship Together to Glorify God

And because everything is from Him, exists through Him, and is created in order to glorify Him, worship is central to everything we do as a congregation. Our worship services are designed to be both joyful and reverent. You’ll find lots of Bible in the service, with scripture Readings, singing songs taken from scripture, the sermon passage unpacked from that week, and rich biblical truths found in hymns we love to sing taken from the best of what has been written in every century from the time time of Christ until now.

A Church Family

Our congregation is made up of singles and families, young and old, from all kinds of backgrounds. If God made you, you are welcome here. We want to be a church family where everyone is welcome, every member is known and appreciated; a place where we actively participate in one another's lives.

Care and Oversight

The ruling elders of our church are men elected by our members to join with the pastor in overseeing the work of the church. They are committed to sincerely care for our church members by calling to see how they are, coming to visit from time to time, and faithfully praying for them. We elect godly men to serve us like Christ has served us, not who in any way will lord it over us.

A People of Prayer

We also as a congregation want to be praying people and invite you to join us at our weekly prayer meeting on Wednesdays at the church. Each week we gather and begin singing hymn requests right at 7PM, then we share and write down all our old and new prayer requests, and then we pray together, finishing promptly at 8:30PM. Anyone who wants to pray is welcome, but there is no pressure to pray out loud as whether our mouths open or not we are all praying together.

Helping One Another

We also as a congregation are committed to not just speaking of our love for God and our neighbors, but to put it into practice through deeds of mercy. We elect men as Deacons from our midst as those who are clear examples to us of godly service and helping others. They also are those who help advise the elders in how to wisely administer our gifts we collect each month to most effectively help those with real needs. We take great care being good stewards of what we all give for this purpose, so that those who receive help are those who need help. We are especially attentive to the needs of those we know well, while at the same time alert to all kinds of opportunities that God may bring. As the Apostle Paul says, “So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, but especially to those who are members of the household of faith.” (Galatians 6:10).

Our Commitment to Love Jesus, and Keep His Commands

Our name, “Christ The King,” was chosen to remind us that ultimately we are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ and to make disciples of Jesus Christ. By his life, death, and resurrection Jesus has paid for our salvation. He has loved us even when we were His enemies. And because of His faithfulness and His being without sin, God has raised Jesus up from the dead, given Him all authority in heaven and on earth, and we at Christ The King accept Him joyfully as the King of our lives. This is the message we seek to bring to Longview and to the world.

Are you seeking answers to spiritual questions? Would you like to learn more about the Bible and Christianity? Are you looking for in depth biblical teaching and a place to worship and belong. We have chosen Christ The King Church as the place where we worship and grow in our faith. We hope you will join us as well. We look forward to meeting you.

         The congregation of Christ The King Church